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          On the Road in South Africa
New - Scenes of Selous, Tanzania
Hyena Feeds, Masai Mara, Kenya
We'll Help Plan Your Safari
The Safari Advisor is a site whose aim is to promote safaris and photography. In conjunction with Ngwe Safari, a Premier Tour Operator based in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Safari Advisor can help you customize your travel to Southern and Eastern Africa. Together we provide professional advice and recommendations with travel and charter arrangements, personalized and tailor-made itineraries, efficient and hassle free bookings, a personalized meet and greet on arrival (travel to Johannesburg) and 24-hour backup service while on safari. There is no extra cost involved (i.e., we do not charge you a booking fee) and, therefore, your cost is the same whether you go direct to individual suppliers/properties or through us (less, of course, the headache of your having to handle the arrangements).
Scenes of the Selous Game Reserve
Scenes of the Masai Mara
Birds of the Masai Mara
Scenes of Namibia 
Scenes of the Migration (Tanzania)
Scenes from Ngorongoro Crater
Scenes of the Serengeti
Birds of Tanzania 
Whale-Watching at Hermanus, S. Africa

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