The Safari Advisor
Wildlife of Selous Game Reserve (Click to enlarge)
Hyena pup and mom
Young lion relaxing
Lion eating an impala
Lion prances with leg of prey
Young lions giving us the eye
Sunset on Lake Manze
Yellow baboon
Yellow baboon catches a ride
Lions mating, the end
Lions mating
Young lion with leg of prey
hyena%20cub%20with%20mom.jpg lion%20cub%20relaxing.jpg lion%20cubs%20give%20us%20the%20eye.jpg lion%20consumes%20impala.jpg lion%20prances%20with%20impala%20leg.jpg young%20lion%20with%20impala%20leg.jpg yellow%20baboon%20gets%20a%20ride.jpg yellow%20baboon.jpg sunset%20lake%20manze.jpg lions%20mating,%20the%20end.jpg lions%20mating.jpg